Visiting Surrey Poultry

We have now sold out of Hens for this year, the next Scheduled delivery is March 2021, we are open for Feed, Accessories, Eggs and Holiday Pets.

The Covid infection rates are sadly rising again so we are continuing our ‘drive thru’ when you visit please pull up outside the barn and we will come to you.

If you have any questions or queries about keeping hens, health problems, holiday bookings, etc please email Caroline at

Thankyou, John and Caroline x





Hybrid Hens – Sold Out

Next Scheduled delivery of new girls is March 2021

PLEASE NOTE – when Coops are advertised for sale they state the amount of hens that can sleep in the coop NOT the amount of hens that can be kept in the run! Minimum run area per hen is 1 Square Metre or 3 Square feet.

When you are adding to your flock remember that the new girls will be bullied by the existing flock so if you are adding to your flock you should add the same or more girls than you already have unless you have a completely separate run and coop or you are able to split the pen so that they can get to know each other gradually.

Please worm your new girls with Flubenvet in 6 weeks then 3 monthly, and powder your girls for mites every 4 weeks.

Our Hybrids and Bantams are all Fully Vaccinated.