Silkies – Limited Stock

Silkies available by appointment only.

To view or reserve please:-

Email Caroline at

Attach a photo of your coop and run area

and then we’ll let you know available stock and colours.

These girls are 10 months old and fully vaccinated £40 each.

Silkies are gorgeous Fluffy little hens but before you think about having any please consider the following, Silkies are very sensitive and easily bullied especially when they are young they are not suited to a mixed environment with older established hens, they are happy to live with other Silkies, Polands and Pekins, their living area needs to be simple (the Eglu is perfect) and very clean, they should not get wet or damp and they don’t like wind, they are slow to learn and struggle initially with ladders, perches etc, many owners will keep them indoors during very cold, snowy or wet weather.

They lay approx 120 small white eggs seasonally and are natural mothers so they will generally go broody several times a year.

They do make fabulous pets and are happy to be cuddled and will sit comfortably in your lap.



POL Hybrids – Sold Out

Our Hybrid Hens are all sold now for this year, next delivery March 2022

 The hens will be sold strictly by Appointment Only and do need to be reserved.

If you would like to reserve our girls please:-

  • Email Caroline at

  • Attach a photo of your Coop and Run

  • Please state Breeds and the amount of hens

Information on our ‘Guide to Keeping Healthy Hens page’ helps with run sizing and enviroment.

If you have any queries or questions please don’t hesitate to email.

Caroline and John x



PLEASE NOTE – when Coops are advertised for sale they state the amount of hens that can sleep in the coop NOT the amount of hens that can be kept in the run! Minimum run area per hen is 1 Square Metre or 3 Square feet.

When you are adding to your flock remember that the new girls will be bullied by the existing flock so if you are adding to your flock you should add the same or more girls than you already have unless you have a completely separate run and coop or you are able to split the pen so that they can get to know each other gradually.

Please worm your new girls with Flubenvet in 6 weeks then 3 monthly, and powder your girls for mites every 4 weeks.

Our Hybrids and Bantams are all Fully Vaccinated.














Bird Flu Update 22/05/21

Avian Influenza

The risk of avian influenza in poultry with good biosecurity has been reduced to ‘low’ for all poultry. As a result, the mandatory enhanced biosecurity requirements that were brought in as part of the Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (AIPZ) have been lifted from midday Saturday 15 May 2021.

Revocation of an Avian Influenza Prevention Zone (PDF, 15.2KB, 1 page)

Whilst the AIPZ is being lifted, high standards of biosecurity should be retained as infection may still be present in the environment and good biosecurity should be maintained for the health of your birds. See our biosecurity section for further information.

For further information on the evidence which supported the decision to implement the AIPZ between the 11 December 2020 and the 15 May 2021 including the additional housing measures from the 14 December 2020 to the 31 March 2021. See our risk assessments.


John and Caroline x