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Advice for Poorly Birds

We are normally more than happy to help you with any health problems you may have with your birds, however due to the current Bird Flu outbreak we are unable to look at your birds here, but we are still happy to give advice by phone or email.

Our Vet, should you need a consultation, is Grant at Hunters Lodge, 01483 570782.

Holiday Price List 2017

Chickens/Cockerels 1.50 per day
Ducks 2.00 per day
Rabbits 2.00 per day
Guinea Pigs, Gerbils and Hamsters 1.00 per day

Prices are charged Day in and Day out.

Please powder your Chickens/Cockerels before you bring them in.

Please provide food for Rabbits.

Please provide food and cage for Guinea Pigs, Gerbils and Hamsters.

School Holidays are always busy so please book well in advance.

Happy Holidays!!

Update on Bird Flu - 11/02/17

Finally some Good News!

Although the restrictions listed below remain in place until 28/02/17 it is looking hopeful that they will be lifted on that date, we'll update as soon as we know.

This Infection is thought to have been spread by migrating birds.

Therefore the advice is to keep your birds indoors if possible, otherwise keep them in a covered run which cannot be accessed by wild birds.

Take the food and water out at night into a shed which again can't be accessed.

We would suggest that you stop feeding wild birds in the garden if you keep Poultry.

Please use the Foot Disinfection Baths provided before you enter the barn. The field is currently 'out of bounds'.

We have currently taken all birds off sale in an attempt to reduce movement.

Pekin Bantams - Currently Unavailable

Call Duck Pairs - Currently Unavailable

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