SURREY POULTRY. Old Lane, Ockham, Cobham, Surrey. KT11 1NH

Bantams and Pure Breeds - Available Now

Wellsummers L/F, Pekins and Rhode Island Reds L/F 10 - 28 weeks old - 25.00 - 35.00 each ( a couple of our youngsters are now laying)

Guinea Fowl available now 25.00 each - 18 weeks old

Ducks and Drakes

Campbell and Aylesbury Ducks and Drakes available now Females 35.00 Males 15.00 - Only 2 Females left now.

Call Duck Pairs available now - 50.00 per pair

Male Runners only now 15.00 Each

POL Hybrids - The New Girls are Here!

Blackrocks, Red Rocks, Ambers, Warrens, Colombian Blacktails, Coucou, Light Sussex, Reverse Sussex and Bluebells @ 20.00 each

Blues, Tufted Blues and Golden Cuckoo @ 25.00 each

69 in stock

Please bring a well ventilated box or pet carrier to collect your birds.

Your new girls will need worming with Flubenvet in 6 weeks time and then 3 monthly.

Your girls should be powdered once a month for mites and lice.

Cockerels available with Hybrids free to a good home, if your cockerel is too noisy or doesn't work out just bring him back.

All our Hybrids are Fully Vaccinated and are free ranging.
We feed all our Poultry with a mixture of Allen and Page Free Range Pellets or Mash and Super Mix Corn - Treats include Apples, Mealworms, Garlic, Broccoli and Cabbage!

Quails - In Stock Now

50 Female Japanese Quail available now - 12.00 each

Geese - Sold Out

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Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday:
10am - 5pm
Closed Wednesdays
10am - 5pm

We accept payment by either cash, credit or debit card

Extensive Stock List

We have a variety of goods for sale, including Point of Lay Hens, Quails, Ducks, Housing, Feeds, Bedding, Feeders & Drinkers, and Free Range Chicken, Duck and Quail Eggs

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