Silkie Information Page

┬áSilkies are gorgeous Fluffy little hens but before you think about having any please consider the following, Silkies are very sensitive and easily bullied especially when they are young they are not suited to a mixed environment with older established hens, they are happy to live with other Silkies, Polands and Pekins, their living area needs to be simple (the Eglu is perfect) and very clean, they should not get wet or damp and they don’t like wind, they are slow to learn and struggle initially with ladders, perches etc, many owners will keep them indoors during very cold, snowy or wet weather.

They lay approx 120 small white eggs seasonally and are natural mothers so they will generally go broody several times a year.

They do make fabulous pets and are happy to be cuddled and will sit comfortably in your lap.

White Silkie

Gold Partridge Silkie