Bantams – Limited Stock Now

We  have some Bantam girls in stock now, they are available by appointment only, if you would like to book and appointment to view them please attach a photo of your Coop and Run to Caroline at Bantams are sensitive loveable souls that lay small eggs seasonally, they do require more attention than larger birds and are best suited to the Omlet range of housing, their housing needs to be kept extremely clean and mite free. They are best kept separately from larger birds as they are easily bullied especially when they are young. We have Pekins, Silkies and Polands  the Pekins are by far the most intelligent of the group, the Silkies and Polands require a great deal of patience learning the way to bed and any type of steps!  The Bantams are £40 each, we do not sell single birds. They are Fully Vaccinated.

Silkies available in Black , White  and Gold Partridge (28+ weeks)

Pekins available in Black  (28+ weeks)

Polands available in Black/White (28+ weeks)